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Banuelos Law Staff

Founded in 1994 by Emilia C. Bañuelos with a dream to help her community, Bañuelos Law Firm has grown to become one of the premier immigration law offices in the valley of the sun. Over the years the firm has stayed true to remaining family-owned and operated and welcomed the addition of two more attorneys, Vicenta and Lilia. This increased capacity ensured that the firm grew beyond its’ immigration roots to also become their client’s first choice for personal injury cases and estate planning. Our firm continues to grow, we now have more than a dozen employees and provide legal support and solutions to hundreds of Arizonans yearly. We believe the reason the majority of our clients return for additional help and regularly refer us to their loved ones,  is due to our unwavering commitment to providing the best support possible to our diverse community. The trust our clients put in us is invaluable, and we work tirelessly to maintain that trust. It has been our sincere pleasure to be your go-to law office for more than 20 years and counting!


"I consider myself the happiest and hardest working attorney in Arizona, with the biggest heart and desire to help my clients as much as I can. I care about each person who walks in my office and treats them as I would like to be treated. I would like to be remembered as someone who made a positive difference in people's lives.”


  -     Emilia C. Bañuelos

Our Mission Statement

To deliver superior service, ensure positive outcomes, and build lasting relationships with clients.

Our Vision

To give every individual an opportunity to live in freedom.

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